Under his roof

There was full moon outside because the month of February was half way. He felt like someone opened his gate. He felt like a car just left his compound. The clock ticked 2am and he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or he was really up. He was not the kind of a person who would wake up in the middle of the night even if he remembered he slept with the door wide open. He was a heavy sleeper who was hopeful to change one day. He couldn’t get back his sleep after few minutes of struggle, he felt so tired though. He realized that there was no one besides him.  He detaches himself from the bed and walks to the window. He opens the curtain slightly and sees the full moon outside. He walks to the door as he calls her name. No response, he walks to the washroom perhaps she was there. No signs of life. He goes for a short call and hears noises of these kitchen things fall down, akina hotpot, spoons, bowls and dishes. Seemingly things were not okay under this roof  He calls out again and there is no…

My name is Lisa


The man down town

A man walked down the flooded corridors of two row apartments, to the left towards the underground floor he went and turned right to start climbing the stairs that headed where he wanted to go. The city was cool and everyone was busy doing their things. Couples walked around in the beach, people walked in groups but this guy was all alone. Perhaps he was new and still didn’t know people around. His big jacket swayed behind him perhaps because of his walking style because there were no signs of wind blowing from the east or west. His black hair covered his face so you couldn’t tell whether he was happy or not. But being that it was the beginning of a new year probably he was a happy man who maybe forgot his half way finished bottle of beer upstairs. He wore brown leather boots and Rolex wrist watch, so this man wasn’t poor. He must be on a mission or something. I didn’t know his name neither did he know me but I was watching him from a distance. I suppose he was a good man though so u…

He is a friend

The sun was rising so fast and the morning was becoming a little bit warm. Allan was seated on the wooden stool that had a very old smell. The stool must have known what  trouble meant. This old crooked semi house  was going to remain his residence unless otherwise.
His mind Went back  into those years when he was still young. Andie his wife, was seated next to him struggling to cop up with their situation. Tears fell from her eyes  drop after another. Allan hugged his wife passionately to comfort her.  He was in  his pair of rusted pants that fitted his waist loosely and with grey patches probably acid-burnt. His T-shirt that must have been won for a week now, was too exhausted to stay fixed to his shoulders. Outside the house was his bicycle that had its parts worn out. It had become a resting place for the cat and some wild doves. A thin brown dog came and humbly coiled itself under his seat.  Without explanation from the dog you could judge that it knew what hunger meant. It was …

high school

The school multipurpose hall was well prepared for the Mr. And Mrs. West Province Contest. The guests had started arriving and some of the students had already settled in readiness for the event. Peter was in the school clinic still with a plaster on his arm. The plaster still had three weeks to go and peter was becoming disgusted by it. How he wished he could get rid of it soonest. The hall was now filled with booming music and Joy loved it. She loved dancing so much. There she was nodding her head to the rhythm that really stole her attention. Peter was there walking towards the hall in company of some of his friends. Joy had already booked a seat for him beside her and she was now wondering whether Peter will join her or go with his friends. She didn’t want petty issues such as peter sitting next to her ruin her happiness. She could not honestly imagine holding a seat for Peter then he goes to sit elsewhere, but who was peter to know when she hadn’t tell him. "Peter your baby ma…

High School

Friday afternoon was one of the best moments in West province school, when there were no lessons and the students had all the time to enjoy cold glasses of juice on hot days and hot black coffee during the cold seasons... There was a boy, probably a student seated under a palm tree at the furthest end of the rugby field. His name was Peter Kane, he was one of the rugby stars in the school the best fly half the school ever had. He suffered a broken arm and had not been playing for three months now. A few students were enjoying the afternoon breeze from the lake not far away from the school, so the field did not seem so lonely for him. After a couple of minutes a group of girls walked down to where he was lying now with his head buried to the ground. One of the girls known to be so mouthy called him about three times before he rose up. Of cause Peter was a celeb in school besides the fact that he was also ranked several times as the most handsome boy in the school. (Those girls who coul…