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Whom did I visit ?

After seeing the Shanquella Robinson’s story I thought widely about certain things. The video was stomach-turning and sickening . Many things about women have turned the internet upside down this ending week. It’s that art of Ronaldo and Messi by Louis Vuitton that has neutralized twitter. So I say unto you, to be on the safe side you all should remember to treat with utmost seriousness the advice to set apart 23hours of your day to fear women, and the other 1 hour to fear them more! So this morning having woken up earlier than it’s normal for Sunday, I decided to continue with my routine of fearing women. In my quest to find a piece to read, I found other couple of reasons to fear women! There is this story by Lance Stevenson , he wrote it a couple of years after it happened. He got an invitation to attend his cousin’s dinner party. They had never met before and only talked over the phone once in a while. He was even surprised that his family invited him for dinner out of the blan

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